Premium Art

<p>There are times in life when you have to do what you have to do, this was one such time. The journey to this ultimate aka premium art piece started in 2002.</p>
<p>Shot on Kodak Gold 100, hand held with a Praktika Camera without a light metre. This is one of those shots when you align yourself with God! Over 12 trips to Dar es salaam – Not a single shot at this sight  (either before or there after) apart from the 2 shots taken of which this was the ultimate.</p>
<p>I remember going to this spot over and over and over, not being able to figure what it was I was looking for. Crossing to Kigamboni, taking dala dala, walking the whole beach, visiting kivukoni at 6am, sitting at restaurant overlooking ferry crossing with camera in hand until dark – at times without a penny in hand. Still something kept nugging..</p>
<p>Finally the day came, pretty uneventful, and instead of heading to my hosts residence 5:30pm I walked to the ferry, paid my fare and sat at waiting lobby. At about 6.45 I got up to get into ferry , got to rump but ferry was too full for my internal comfort – I chose to wait for next ferry….</p>
<p>What has it cost me? relationships, entire investments, camera, and at the time of shooting – 6 months in a foreign land seeking what is not apparent, just trusting Gods guidance. When I left, ‘I knew what I knew that I knew!’- I was ultimately going to make it !! I didn’t know how, or what it was, whether I had it or not – I just knew it! I even remember at my last church service in Dar es salaam telling someone I had just met –I KNOW IT (either way, I am!)</p>

Dhow dock

<p>Asking price starts from €1.7million. Terms are cash. Print is as is  ( A2 archival Print 1/1). Available for personnal collection is a 5×7 manual print and a 4×6 machine print for album reference. ALL 1/1. I reserve the right of sell – i.e being able to afford it or being the highest bidder DOES NOT guarantee that I will sell it to you! Muoki</p>
<p>DHOW DOCK – Copyright muoki kioko 2006. All rights reserved.</p>

Dhow dock

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