Msasani Dar es salaam


Coco beach comes from the name of a club frequented by locals along this beachline. A popular recreation spot for locals especially over weekends with parents bringing their young to play in low tide as teenagers enjoy engaging each others time, some just watching while others swim or dive from high cliffs, engage in free open boxing matches or party at coco beach club.
It is also a popular spot for portraits with the sea background and video shooting of locally produced music.
To get there by public means access the local taxis (dala dala’s) at posta in Dar town that are headed to sea cliff. You can as well hire a normal taxi and remember to take your drivers number after agreeing what time to be picked as getting out during the evening rush can be quite a hussle!

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Kigamboni Ruins


The East African coast is littered with traces of past civilizations emanating from past trade practices.
In Tanzania the most obvious are those on Islands off the Coast like Zanzibar that was used by Arab traders. There are other ruins on smaller islands nearer to the mainland shores and some on mainland beaches in Dar es salaam.
Those on mainland include some well marked ones and others on people’s land that have worn out over the decade’s like the one above that has a wall or two left standing!
The beauty of this one is it’s being accessible easily even by local public means. When in Dar ask to be taken to ‘kivukoni’ where you cross by ferry then take a ‘dalla dalla’ ie local mini van taxi asking to be dropped off at Hotel south beach resort or sunrise hotel or kipepeo hotel  entry at Kigamboni. Walking along this beachline you will across this ruin.
Distinct of these ancient ruins is that their Walls were made of coral.

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Dar Es Salaam

Dar es Salaam (Arabic: دار السلام‎ [translation: “house of Peace”] Dār as-Salām), formerly Mzizima, is the largest city in Tanzania. It is also the country’s richest city and a regionally important economic centre. Dar es Salaam is actually an administrative province within Tanzania, and consists of three local government areas or administrative districts: Kinondoni to the north, Ilala in the center of the region, and Temeke to the south. The Dar es Salaam Region had a population of 2,497,940 as of the official 2002 census. Though Dar es Salaam lost its official status as capital city to Dodoma in 1964, it remains the center of the permanent central government bureaucracy and continues to serve as the capital for the surrounding Dar es Salaam Region.

A very beautiful african city along the warm waters of Indian ocean. Dar es salaam is the financial hub of Tanzania – (the largest Country in East Africa by Land mass).

Beaches  Of  Dar Es Salaam

CoCo Beach, Msasani

most popular dar es salaam mbeach


This is the most popular public beach for Tanzanians. Watch locals party, produce local music videos, dive off cliffs at high tide or even participate in open boxing matches (gloves provided) over weekends!

Kigamboni Beach

Kigamboni beach

Kigamboni beach to the south of the city (cross by ferry) is one of those Jewels that are grossly underutilised. White beaches, Privacy! yes privacy is what you get on this stretch. unspoiled beach with mangroove forests and endless space to walk, see shells, play, enjoy photography…..

Kunduchi beach

Kunduchi beach, North Dar es salaam

Kunduchi beach is to the noth of Dar es salaam town. you can be picked from the airport or take a taxi if you come by road – that enables you visit the only hotel (5star) along this beach bearing the beach’s name. Beach has a pre historic site about 200metres from hotel. If staying elsewhere the hotel has a water world with about 3 different sections offering different tastes.

Sea Cliff

sea cliff

Situated on the northern tip of upmarket ‘msasini pennisula’ – to the north of Dar city. An area sorrounded by upmarket private housing. The beach is accesible in low tides only because of cliffs (thus name). Provides picturistic scenes during low tide. Also good for viewing sea traffic in and out of Dar es salaam port, either headed North of Indian Ocean or to The world famous Zanzibar island.


Nyereres vehicles at Dar Museum

Tanzania s first president Mwalimu Julius Nyereres vehicles at Dar es Salaam museum. This vehicle collection traces his polital career from pre colonial period  to his death. Beautifully thought out museum.


wild peacock on Dar Golf course

Ever imagined playing golf with the sound of ocean waves in the background or a view of the ocean? or even better , with wild peacocks chasing each other performing a mating dance? then the golf course in dar es salaam is the place to be.

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Grasshopper with Tanzanian national flag colours


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Karibu Tanzania

dar city in the evening

Dar es salaam meaning Heaven of peace, but known by locals as Bongo because of what it takes to make a living there. A vibrant trade town of tanzania along Indian ocean

Accross the fish market
Accross the fish market

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