Dodoma wood curvers


Dodoma©muoki kioko 06

Dodoma, is the administrative capital of Tanzania. A ‘small’ town when I visited that had all the signs of administrative incentives to grow it as a hub.
What took me there were curvings and curvers like Fred above. A group of dedicated curvers who’s products cannot be missed as long as you’ve traveled through that country! What I found interesting was that despite their products being a symbol of travel through the country, when you get to Dodoma you can’t even tell that curvers exist let alone that products uniquely Tanzanian originate from here.
Products from here include daggers, sword’s, walking sticks and pen casings made from an endemic black/purple wood that’s decorated using copper wire. Pen casings most times have tanzania written using the copper wire on them and my take was that these gentlemen could create one with your name on it.
* word of caution, journey there by public means can be treacherous both in the booking and characters you’ll meet along the way. But that didnt apply to all, the gentleman above was honest, hardworking family man – we called him Fred.

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